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Review HowTo The Meaning Of The Eight Colors Chapt 6


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Each of the eight colors has been carefully chosen because of its particular psychological and physiological meaning—its “structure.” This meaning is of universal significance and is the same the world over, to young and old alike, to men and to women, to the educated and the uneducated, to the “civilized” and the “uncivilized.”

In fact, the only limitation which can be placed on the general applicability of the test is the necessity to communicate to the person being tested; if he can understand what is required of him, see the color-panels (whether or not he is color-blind) and state his preferences, then the test applies to him.

Many people have a strong aversion toward “psychological tests,” especially to those which require the answering of numerous time-consuming questions or the sorting of a plethora of cards. In the experience of those administering the Luscher Test this antipathy is very rarely encountered; the test is attractive and appealing to do, and takes very little time.

In any event, those undertaking the test “do not see how they can give anything away by picking colors!” It might well be that they would be less willing had they any idea of how revelatory the test actually is.

The meanings and significances of each of the eight colors is set out below in some detail to enable the user to amplify the interpretations given in the Tables.

Grey (0)

The grey of the test is neither colored, nor dark, nor Continue reading

Review HowTo Make Color Work For You – Chapt 1 – Color Psychology


Review HowTo Make Color Work For You - Color Psychology phoneforwomen-1-origMoodColor Secrets Color Test  Chapt 1  Chapt 2  Chapt 3 Chapt 4  Chapt 5  Chapt 6  Chapt 7  Chapt 8

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While color has always surrounded mankind on every side and subjected him to its influence since time immemorial, it is only comparatively recently that we have been able to produce and use color as freely as we do today.

Before the 19th century only a limited number of dyes and pigments were known and these were mainly of organic origin. They were also very expensive, so that colorful fabrics and decorative materials were the prerogative of the wealthy. Hundreds of thousands of snails gave their lives so that a Roman emperor could wear his robe of Tyrian purple while his subjects had to be content with unbleached cotton or linen, hides or wool.

Only within the last hundred years or so has this picture changed significantly, first with the synthesis of the aniline dyes, and later with coal-tar derivatives and metallic oxides. Today few of the things we make are left in their original manufactured state without being stained, painted or colored, either wholly or in part. Now there are literally thousands of colors of every imaginable hue and intensity readily available for almost any purpose. Not only do we now have the blue of the sky, the red of the sunset, the green of the trees and all the other colors of nature, but in addition we enjoy man-made articles such as neon lights, paints, wall-papers and color TV.

This increasing use of color combined with the ever-growing competition between manufacturers looking to increase their sales has led to significant development in the field of color psychology. However, when it comes to marketing, much of this research has been along lines of trial and error.

The sugar manufacturer knows, for example, that he must not try to sell his product in a green package, while beauty preparations in a brown jar will remain on the shelf long after others have been sold. The colors of nature have had their influence on us, and these influences are deep-seated in our physiological and psychological make-up. They are there whether we like them or not. In the case of the things we buy, however we are free to choose, and to exercise our own likes and dislikes, our tastes and conventions.

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Manufacturers study these things to ensure that we reach for his product in preference to that of his competitors. If his product is sugar, then he knows that the must package it in a blue container or at least have blue prominently Continue reading