When using this MOOD ColorSecrets App, one person may like a particular sweater color and select it first. But another person may find the same color boring. A third person may be have no opinion on that color at all. A fourth person may find the sweater color definitely repulsive. Everyone is very different.

In this App color self-test, we ask you to select the sweater colors in descending order of preference. The color you like the best is placed in the first position and is the one for which you has the greatest attraction. The one you choose last—in eighth position—is the one you have greatest repulsion toward (or least attraction).

By observing what postion in the row a color occurs, we can determine what that particular color means to you, since your emotional pull towards the various colors varies from greatest to least attraction. For instance, at the beginning of the row, your feelings reveal strong pleasure, followed by an area of pleasure which is less marked. Next comes an area of “indifference,” followed by the final area which is one of repulsion or rejection.

Example here:

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Why Marriage Matters on Facebook


Why Marriage Matters

I’ll leave you with a link to the Facebook Page of the third edition of Why Marriage Matters: Thirty Conclusions from the Social Sciences. The sad outcome of the lives of children whose parents cohabit instead of marry probably won’t surprise you … but it’s good to be reminded.If you squint hard, the second entry below says, “Children of unwed parents are more likely to drop out of school than children of parents in an intact marriage.” Go read the rest!

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