Green, 18.1% picked Green First



** 1st Grouping


You seek the determination and elasticity of will necessary to establish yourself and to make yourself independent despite the difficulties of your situation. You want to overcome opposition and achieve some recognition.

What to do:

1. Give the person you admire a card of congratulations.

2. Invite the person to dinner for a congratulatory meal.

What to say:

1. Say to yourself “I’ve worked hard to get to where I am”.

2. Say to a friend “Help me figure out what my next accomplishment will be”.

NOW, OF THE 7 COLORS THAT REMAIN, SELECT THE NEXT Color that jumps out at you. It may not be your favorite color, in fact it probably won’t be your favorite Color. The goal is to select the one that “jumps out at you” Now, click on it to see what it stands for and your general sense of emotion.
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