What Color Says About You, Your Personality and Your Mood

What Color Says About You, Your Personality and Your MoodSweatersPortrait
Women see color more readily than men do and there is a good reason for that. Women are typically more in touch with their feelings and color is a representation of those feelings. Women nurture, give birth, feed, change and care for babies and children.
Women love to talk about and express their feelings, especially with other women.
Men have a more difficult time defining and understanding how they feel, because in the world of survival and work, feelings rarely play into making certain that there is food on the table.
We need both sides of the coin represented by color for women and men.

There are eight colors in the Color Test of “Mood Color Secrets” for a purpose. That purpose will become apparent as we explore color and its reflections of who you are.
1. The color Blue represents complete calm. It is truth and trust, love and dedication, surrender and devotion. Blue is the timelessness of eternity, representing tradition and lasting values, and so tends to perpetuate the past.

2. The color Red is the expression of vital force. In temporal terms, red is the present. Red is impulse, the will-to-win. It speeds up the pulse. It is the impulse towards active doing, towards sport, struggle, competition and enterprising productivity.

3. The color Yellow is the brightest color in the test and its effect is light and cheerful. Yellow corresponds symbolically to the welcoming warmth of sunlight to the cheerful spirit and to happiness, to change for the sake of change and an eager quest for alternative experiences.

4. The color Violet represents an intuitive and sensitive understanding. The person who prefers violet wants to achieve a “spiritual” relationship. They not only want to be charmed themselves, but at the same time they want to delight others, to exert a degree of fascination over them because, although this is a spiritual identification, the distinction between subject and object still exists.

5. Other Colors: Following this Article, we cover the other four colors
In the modern age, it is possible to create tests that will accurately evaluate how our color choices are a representation of our soul, who we are, and how we are feeling.

Such a test has been developed and made available on the iPhone App through MOOD ColorSecrets where much more information is available or directly at the Apple App Store.

This is a fun and easy to use informative app that is a hit at parties and is also useful for understanding yourself and your family better.

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